About Seaburn

There was a time, as remembered by members of our team when Seaburn was a thriving resort with a permanent fairground, dominated by a big dipper, amusement arcades, restaurants, promenade, deck chairs and donkey rides. However along with many UK resorts it’s popularity has declined particularly as a destination for family holidays. The funfair has closed (although the site is still used for travelling fairs) and only a few restaurants and amusement arcades remain.

The question that we need to address in developing the Seaburn site is the nature of a 21st century seaside resort. Where as in the past this catered for family holidays, today it is more likely to be day trips. Whereas before the main audience were visitors, today it is also likely to be people seeking somewhere to live, either to commute into one of the nearby centres or on their retirement as part of Sunderland’s aspiration to be “the UK’s most liveable city”.


The Seaburn site is located off Whitburn Road and surrounds Lowry Road:

The site at Seaburn

Our Proposals

Proposals are being brought forward to improve Seaburn’s standing as a seaside destination and great place to live, with new leisure space, cafes and restaurants on the seafront, alongside new apartments and houses.

Upcoming Consultation

We have agreed a consultation strategy with Sunderland City Council and local Councillors to allow us to develop a masterplan which is in line with the Council’s Masterplan for the site (supplementary planning document available here) as well as local people’s aspirations for the site. As part of this strategy we will be holding a stakeholder workshop, running a public engagement event and holding an exhibition showing the final proposals before we submit a planning application for the scheme in January 2016. The aim of the events will be to inform local people and businesses of proposals and get feedback to improve and tailor the masterplan for the site.

Brief details of  events are provided below:

Event 1 – Stakeholder Workshop – August 25th: Local businesses, community groups and stakeholders were invited to attend a roundtable workshop to discuss the emerging proposals for the site and understand our thinking behind the masterplan. The feedback will be published in a short summary report and will be used to inform the development of the masterplan.

Event 2 – Public Exhibition – October: We are in the process of organising a public exhibition to take place at the Seaburn Centre which will detail our proposals for the site following feedback from the stakeholder workshop.  Feedback will be collated on paper questionnaires handed out on the day and through an online version of the questionnaire. Comments will be used to inform the further development of the masterplan.

Event 3 – Public Exhibition – January 2016: We are in the process of scheduling in a final exhibition to detail proposals to be submitted as part of the planning application. This will showcase further details of the masterplan for the site following feedback from event 2.

Once the planning application is submitted, members of the public will have the chance to further comment on the proposals through the council’s planning portal system.

Register You Interest

Please sign up to the Seaburn mailing list if you would like to receive email updates about upcoming consultations and information on the progress of the planning application.

Meet the Team

Siglion has brought together a multi-disciplinary team to bring forward a planning application for the Seaburn site. The team is being lead by Katie Sully of Siglion and comprises the following consultancies at present:

Cundall – Planning , Structural Engineering and Transport

URBED – Masterplanning and Urban Design

Landscape Projects – Landscape Architects

Gleeds – Cost Consultants

Knight Frank – Agents