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13 thoughts on “Chapelgarth Mailing List

  1. As a local resident my concerns are that the woodland will be destroyed when there are other brownfield sites in the City that could be better used for the proposed project. Destroying the nice woodland area around Moorside, I think is wrong.


    1. Good Afternoon Lewis,
      Thanks for your comment. Blakeney Woods and the woodland to the south-east of the development will remain protected, and not be developed. We are also keen to conserve the green features of the site and our current masterplan demonstrates how we are proposing to keep 1/4 of the site area as open green space, with pathways and bridleways continuing to run through the site.

      Please do come along to our upcoming consultation event where we can show you the plans in more detail, and hopefully allay some of your concerns: Saturday 17th October – drop in anytime between 10am-4pm, The Box Youth Project, Hall Farm Road. The masterplan is by no means finalised and we will be looking to hold a further exhibition to showcase the updated masterplan in November, so please do try and make it so we can capture your comments!

      Kind Regards,


  2. I have lived in the area for 34 years. For 33 years I have walked on a daily basis around the fields and by ways of the Proposed Housing Development. I would wish to see those walk ways protected and have outlined most of the routes I know people take when dog walking etc. Now my understanding is that if a passage of land has been walked on regularly for a period of 20 years this can be applied for as a ‘ Right of way ‘

    The grounds on which a right of way claim can be made A right of way can be claimed on the basis of user evidence (i.e. that the public has established a right of way by using a defined route over a period of time), or documentary evidence (i.e. based on historical documents such as Enclosure Awards or other old maps), or a combination of the two. Claiming a right of way using user evidence In order to make a claim for a right of way based on public use, the law (section 31 of the Highways Act 1980) requires that you’re able to show all of the following: A period of at least 20 years’ uninterrupted use by the public. This is counted backwards either from the date when the public’s right to use the way was called into question (for example, when somebody locked a gate across the path) or, if the public’s right to use the path hasn’t been called into question, from the date of your DMMO application. Use must be ‘as of right’, which means without secrecy, force, or the express permission of the landowner. But there’s no need for the public to have believed it was a right of way they were using, or for the landowner to be aware that public use was taking place, provided he could be aware of it if he chose to look, i.e. not by stealth. Use must be by the public at large, not just certain tenants or employees of an estate. Use must follow a linear route. In some circumstances it may be possible to establish a right of way on the basis of use by the public over a period less than 20 years under common law. – See more at:

    I have identified these routes and will send an image via email.


    1. Hi Ray,
      Many thanks for your comment and for taking the time to identify well-used routes through the site. Please do email me the image It will be good to compare this to the routes we have already mapped out.
      We are intending to provide a number of new footpaths and cycle-ways throughout the site as well as retain existing ones, and it would be great if you could attend our exhibition on Saturday where we will be able to show you a large version of the emerging masterplan and take you through our proposed landscaping strategy in more detail. Drop in anytime on Saturday 17th October between 10am and 4pm – we’ll be at the Box Youth Project on Hall Farm Road. The exhibition boards will also be uploaded on this website on the day if you would like to view them online.
      We hope to see you there,
      Sange, URBED


  3. I would first of all like to say that I am in complete agreement with Ray Bradshaw’s representations as to both fact and law as it applies to common rights of way.

    It seems to me that you have simply chosen not to address the point that Mr Bradshaw makes.

    The suggestion that new footpaths and cycle ways are proposed to be created is of no consequence.

    Although you say that it is the developers intention to retain existing routes the simple fact of the matter is that common law rights of way have, and continue to be, enjoyed throughout the broad spectrum of the proposed developments landscape and any build on the scale that is proposed will inevitably be an infringement of those rights.

    I have many objections to the proposed development on Chapelgarth. However, I am going to list only a few that appear to be shared in common with the large and growing number of residents who are equally opposed to this development:-

    1. It is proposed that there will be approximately 800 houses built: the existing service roads will be insufficient to meet the increase in the volume of traffic that would be generated by such a large scale build.

    2. The land is susceptible to flooding: there are major issues for example at the bottom of Weymouth Road and excess water already drains onto the Burdon Vale Estate: the proposed development will exacerbate that issue.

    3. It has been suggested at the Box Project Meeting that it is proposed that the development include a community hub comprising shops and a public house: there is no business need for further shopping in the Chapelgarth area: there are adequate shopping facilities at Doxford Park including a Morrison’s and a new supermarket is also being built nearby. Public houses within residential areas tend to be a hub for disorder and disturbance to residents…there are in any event sufficient public houses already in the Chapelgarth area ie The Oak Tree, The Colonel Prior, The Inn Place and Blakeney’s.

    4. Rather ironically within the last 18 months Sunderland City Council have erected a number of plaques around the fields and wooded areas overlooking Portland School and Burdon Vale highlighting the array of wonderful wild life that lives in that habitat. Any development on the scale proposed will destroy that habitat and with it the wild life. I’m guessing you would be taking the signs down?

    5. When I attended the Siglion meeting at the Box Project it was specifically pointed out that the development would include not only a public house but also some social housing: at an open surgery last week with two of the City’s Councillor’s residents were advised by the Councillor’s that they had never been made aware of any proposals that the development include licensed premises nor any social housing.

    6. This proposed build if it proceeds will take place over a significant number of years and will during that period disturb the peace and enjoyment of residents nearby with traffic, plant equipment, noise, dirt and debris.

    The proposal for this development is ill thought and one for which there is no business need in this area. The economy is poor and employment sparse.

    By all means keep me posted of further meetings and developments and I will endeavour to attend as many as I am able in order to express at each and every opportunity my opposition to this proposed “development”.

    David Wilkinson
    Solicitor/Higher Courts Advocate (Retired).


    1. Dear David,

      Many thanks for your comments and your concerns are noted. We will be uploading a report of the findings of the consultation process shortly and this details many of the points you raise. We are carrying out assessments of the road capacity and the drainage capacity to ensure that the development does not have an adverse effect on the existing neighbourhoods as well as all the necessary studies such as ecology. These will all be available as part of the planning application. We understand the concerns for the public house and retail centre and we are looking to see how we address these concerns in the revisions to the masterplan. Given the consultation responses on this issue, it is probable that the planning application will not include such uses but instead look to provide a small amount of space for a small shop or other community facilities such as a doctors, dentists surgery, library or children’s nursery. It is planning policy that all schemes deliver a certain percentage of affordable housing. For South Sunderland this is currently 10%. How this is delivered, for example, shared ownership housing, discount market rent housing etc would be agreed at the detailed stage of the planning process. The outline planning application that Siglion will be submitting in the first quarter of 2016, will set out the principles of the development and will address the impact of construction, including providing for a construction management plan.

      We will be holding an exhibition of the updated masterplan early in the New Year and will advise on the details of this shortly.

      Kind regards,


  4. I too have lived in the area for over 34 years, and have also used many of the well-trodden footpaths that have developed over many years. i am disappointed that on 2 separate occasions on this Blog, you have failed to address the concerns raised, or answered the questions on right of access.
    I am keen to hear more on the matter, and plan to attend the forthcoming public exhibition to add my opposition to the proposals, however I fear this development is very much a ‘fait accompli’. I remain to be convinced otherwise.


    1. Hi Paul,

      Many thanks for your comment and for taking the time to write down your concerns.

      We understand that our proposal for housing will ultimately change the nature of the site, however we do intend to provide 13.5 hectares of public green space as part of the proposals (equivalent in size to 18 football pitches), which will maintain access to some of the routes you refer to.

      We are aware of the well-trodden paths currently used by local people, and have designed new recreational networks around the site to mirror these, and continue to connect with local routes outside of the site boundary such as the W2W cycle route.

      We are really keen to maintain these paths as part of our landscape strategy, so both new and existing residents can enjoy the public green space we are proposing.

      Whilst we understand that people currently use the site for walks and dog-walking, the land is still agricultural farmland and access onto the site has been at the discretion of the farmer, and would be limited to these footpaths should they be adopted as a public right of way.

      What we intend to do is formalise these routes as part of our masterplan, designating the 13.5 hectares as public open space and also enhancing this space for public use, for example our drainage strategy will help to reduce the boggy conditions experienced around the site.

      Further information on our latest proposals are available here. I would greatly appreciate it if you could fill out an online questionnaire here if you have any further comments, once you have had a look through.

      Kind Regards,


    1. Hi Vivien,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Subject to the approval of the masterplan, Siglion will be seeking house builders to partner with them to deliver the new houses on the site. It is anticipated that the site will be divided into a number of land parcels. These land parcels will then be sold to house builders, who would then build the houses on the site, and some may be developed directly by Siglion.

      The masterplan is flexible to allow for a variety of house builders to build new homes including specialist housing such as senior or retirement homes and if a house builder comes forward with this type of housing, Siglion would welcome and encourage them.

      Kind Regards,


  5. As planning permission has now been obtained, is there a view on which house builders will be involved, and when builds will start?


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