An update on planned sessions

An update on the planned sessions we discussed at the last public meeting in February.


We anticipated holding our first follow up session and a field trip in March.  However, as the outline application is still moving through the planning process, we are proposing changing the order of these sessions, to ensure that we get your views at the right time to inform our decision-making.


With that in mind, we are planning to focus our next session on ‘place making’ activities that you would like to see in Seaburn, given the importance of maintaining animation and use of the site over the coming months.  By place making activities we mean things that start to improve the area ahead of full development, that could become more permanent and that will guide the development’s identity and influence more permanent uses.  We plan to quickly get activities in place, to begin the process of improving Seaburn for the people who live and visit the area.


We are aiming to book a space for a place making planning session on an evening towards the end of May, so would ask that those interested in attending please express an interest by emailing Lowri Bond ( and we will confirm a date, time and suitable venue (based on expected attendee numbers) as soon as possible.


We intend to arrange a field trip shortly after, and will share details on this at the next session.

8 thoughts on “An update on planned sessions

  1. “We are aiming to book a space for a place making planning session on an evening towards the end of May”.

    Not long left.


  2. So no engagement in March, none in April and now you’ve missed May. Not very good at promises or planning are you?


  3. I guess you must be too busy to do updates and host workshops. Hopefully when you’ve finished interviewing the artist they can paint some nice pictures, do some crayon etchings, sketch some stuff and build play doh models to keep the residents informed.


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