Seaburn session – February

Thank you to all who attended Tuesday night’s Seaburn regeneration session.

The session, as those of you who came along will know, focused primarily on addressing some of the questions people still have about the development, and explaining where in the process we currently are.

It was a very well attended session, though we were disappointed that several of those who had signed up to come along did not make it on the evening. We had a reserve list of 30 other people who would have liked to attend but were turned away on the basis of all places being booked, so it is really important that if you sign up to future sessions and are unable to make it, you let somebody at Siglion know as soon as possible so we can make sure that everyone who wants to attend has the opportunity to do so.

We have attached the slides from the presentation for those who couldn’t be there, but would like to see what was discussed. The nature of the event on Tuesday meant we were unable to capture video footage, however future sessions, which will be much more practical, will be captured on camera and shared via ShapingSunderland.

Once again, we’d like to thank everyone who attended on Tuesday evening for their contribution to what we think was a really useful session, and we look forward to working with you over the coming weeks to deliver a more detailed plan for Seaburn that will benefit residents in the area and the wider city, and ultimately the visitors we want to attract to our beautiful seafront.


Seaburn session – slides

15 thoughts on “Seaburn session – February

  1. More disappointment from Creo/Siglion re the development at Seaburn!
    Those who could not attend could not even see recorded proceedings and are told we can ‘look at slides’ which are just statements!
    Quote..”The nature of the event on Tuesday meant we were unable to capture video footage”
    Why? Please explain further?
    Perhaps because so many are objecting and you don’t want the bad press!


  2. Concerned very much about the amount of housing and that this is located in the prime position along the sea front. Would have thought if there was any housing this would have gone to the side and the green area to the front. Thought there would be more shops and restaurants but understand this only takes up 3% of development and thought there would have been more leisure facilities. I’m sure all residents just want the best for sunderland and understand the importance of this prime development.


    1. Glad to see the trains go.

      Keep up the good work and there will be nothing for SaveSeaburn to save.

      Build it and they will come.


      1. im glad to see the trains go too Jason, i’m not against development but object to the amount of houses, their location and the fact that at the front they will be 5 stories high. The land was public land and was for the leisure use for the people of the Sunderland not for houses. im glad theres investment, i just wish the plan was better, we are in a prime location and have much potential to encourage people to holiday here if we get the facilities right.


  3. Rather than restricting numbers and complaining, perhaps Siglion might arrange a venue for future sessions that is large enough for everyone who cares to attend – and advertise the event more widely and further in advance. I’m sure the gulls will enjoy surfing the blustery boulevard, but do we really want Costa del apartments casting their shadows across the beach? Replacing the variety of the Pullman and the Seaburn Centre with stacks of little boxes lacks imagination.


  4. Lovely down Seaburn this weekend, the development will improve things no end, attract more visitors and it will be like Monte Carlo.


    1. I love the sarcastic views – those dressed as compliments when actually they mean something completely different !! Clever !!


    2. That’s good then Jason – a very small minority of people share your view, and a location like Monte Carlo, it certainly won’t be – hence my view that you were being sarcastic, now realise you are prone to believing propaganda either that or you’re an employee of Siglion awaiting a big pay day.


  5. Having attended the event at the Marriott, I feel that we continue to be deceived by Siglion, who when scrutinised around their planning application have included gardens of houses in the overall calculation for public space. Of course they were embarrassed to have been exposed for such a deception, but this is the type of outfit they clearly are. Remember the T Dan Smith era? The Sunderland legacy left by Siglion will be similar.
    ‘Consultation’ with Siglion is a waste of time and effort – they have decided on their planning application and if we really think we will have an influence on their plans, then we are living in La La Land.


  6. Nothing sarcastic Michael, I’m really looking forward to the development as I believe it will be a real positive for Seaburn. I am engaging and challenging Siglion in a positive manner hoping to contribute to a great outcome.

    The others at The Marriott that were negative and spoiling for a fight should move on if they don’t believe in the process rather than writing messages that misrepresent the evening.

    Speed up the good work Siglion.


  7. Beautiful day on the Seaburn Roker riviera, the development will be the icing on the cake when it’s finished.

    Ha’way Siglion.


  8. Any chance of an update on the stakeholder engagement workshops that I must have missed?

    I want this to happen and you lot are very slow and tell us nowt. Hurry up and build it.


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