Forthcoming site investigation work

Next week, you may notice people carrying out some work at Seaburn.  This is site investigation work, and is standard practice at a pre-planning stage, to inform detail design work that we will undertake if the planning application is given the green light.


It is common to do these investigative works pre-planning, as there is normally a condition to have a remediation strategy agreed before works can start on site.


These works are confined to the car parking area and the old pitch and putt site, as well as the area of Cut Throat Dene behind Martinos Restaurant; all are within the soft landscaped areas.


The team will be on-site, undertaking this work, for about two weeks, with monitoring then taking place over a three-month period before the bore holes and caps are removed and the area reinstated.


We will also be undertaking similar site investigation works on the area to the rear of Cuthbertson Court, on Cut Throat Dene, but need a licence from Sunderland City Council to do the works in this area, so we will update you as soon as we know when this is likely to get started.


The work is being managed by Cundalls on behalf of Siglion, and the contractor who will carry out the work is Allied Exploration & Geotechnics Limited.


As ever, please get in touch if you would like to discuss any of this – or the wider plans for Seaburn – with Katie Sully, development director at Siglion.

2 thoughts on “Forthcoming site investigation work

  1. Hi
    After attending the discussion at Cuthberts Court last night with local residents and representatives from Siglion and local council I would like to see the imprint which supposingly has been scaled down from previous proposals and have it posted on the website for all to see.

    Seaburn needs development and as much leisure facilities as can be realistically commercially viable and sustained enhancing the area benefitting the whole of Sunderland and visitors to the area.

    To obtain the above there will be considerable cost and housing would be the major funding for the facilities in addition to business investment, hopfully scaled to suit the necessary development and assteticlly pleasing to the area. Five story buildings would certainly not achieve this and would detract from our beautiful costal area.

    Local residents want to see actually within the footprint area what is proposed and the position of each facility as some of the proposals will have a direct affect on local residents.


  2. I certainly agree with the comments by Perry Madison .. this site does not need 5 story apartments looking across to the beach .. The majority and not the minority of the footage of the land should be for facilities for leisure, including cafes,bars and other commercial leisure premises that can used to enhance Seaburn and attract people to spend time at the Beach. People at the meeting which was held at Cuthberts Court were very vocal in stating that they would rather the majority of this land be used for leisure and at one point even said they would rather the land be grasses over than most of the land being used for Housing . Once these houses have been built the people of Sunderland have lost any chance of using this land for leisure./


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