Footpaths at Chapelgarth

The importance of a network of accessible, high quality footpaths across the planned housing development at Chapelgarth is well recognised by developers Siglion.

New and improved footpaths will connect Chapelgarth with the surrounding countryside, and offer a variety of routes for everyone, walking, cycling and horse riding. The City Council has sent out a formal notice to extinguish current footpaths, which is a necessary step in preparing for the improved new paths across the site.

Chapelgarth is designed as a village-style community with generous green spaces. The approved masterplan for Chapelgarth sets out the obligation to create a network of multi-user paths across the development once formal planning has been granted. The plan also includes a number of parks, surrounded by existing trees and hedgerows with play areas for children as well as open spaces for walking and enjoying local wildlife.

The Order is available for inspection at local libraries.

One thought on “Footpaths at Chapelgarth

  1. The new plans seen to be at odds with what was discussed and identified at the consultations. Where has the circular long walk gone? The footpath proposals that the Council have sent me appears to have broken this route up. A route used by me for well over 30 years.


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