An update in respect of the Seaburn planning application

Siglion remains committed to delivering a development at Seaburn that meets the aspirations and vision of everyone in Sunderland for this very special location. Our extensive community engagement to date has illustrated that, whilst there are many aspects of the proposals that do meet these aspirations, we have not yet found the detailed proposal that completely achieves that aim.

With this in mind, but in order to continue the progress on the site, we will shortly be submitting a planning application which will seek outline planning consent. If granted, this will set the overall quantum of and locations of development in respect of the mix of uses for the site. It will, however, contain no design detail other than the phase 1 infrastructure works and proposed car park fronting onto Dykelands Road. The plans and artist’s impressions previously displayed at the consultation events will therefore not form part of the application.

This approach allows us to refocus the detailed design in response to the feedback received and ensure that the flexibility remains to respond to market demand and deliver the high quality design that we all desire.

Our shared vision remains for Seaburn to once again become a strong leisure destination, providing indoor and outdoor space that attracts people 365 days a year and we continue to value the community input into many aspects of the development that will define the character and look of the properties, creating a place that appeals to young and old alike for the people of Sunderland and also the wider North East region.

We are very happy and keen to engage on a direct basis about this. Anyone interested in doing so should contact Katie Sully at Siglion directly and she will be happy to speak to you individually. Her email address is

7 thoughts on “An update in respect of the Seaburn planning application

    1. Please no 5 storey apartments on the front it’ll look horrendous. Look at the chaos in the streets to especially Princes avenue. It’s bad enough as it is.


  1. You are only committed to building houses and making mega money for yourselves and the council…. you lot don’t give a damn about anything else and louise the pr consultant (I use that term loosely)… you all have your scripts and won’t change from them. You all are not interested in what the punlic want

    This whole we are consulting people!!! When???? You need to consult people as a body not just single people


  2. It’s about time that siglion listened to the people of seaburn and Sunderland and this plan was scraped ! There should be no housing development and this site should be deemed for leisure use ONLY


  3. Seaburn as a resort has a beautiful beach and coast line and needs a development that will provide the people of Sunderland and visitors a reason to visit , the sea front is an asset to the area and should be preserved for leisure and commercial development and NOT residential


  4. The rhetoric is good but the devil is in the detail. Will the high storey buildings at the front still dominate when we get more information.
    I have a feeling there will be nothing that anyone can do if the developers have made up their minds and just blanket planning is passed.


  5. To all the Councillors of Sunderland I say lets get on with this plan as its becoming like another Vaux brewery… dragging on and on . The east side of Whitburn Bents coast road (walkways etc) have been upgraded and now provide a great facility for Sunderland to be proud of. If housing helps to fund the new leisure area then so be it. To all the objectors. i.e mostly by all acounts well off local residents who don’t want to have any housing at all. Just look at the current vast expanse of land which contains , a massive car park, petrol station supermarket and little else. Currently also many litter infested paths to nowhere then of course the empty showground and an ugly ex hotel plus the just as ugly seaburn centre ( blots on the landscape ! ) . Everyone must know residential housing is needed to fund the main complex, otherwise you will end up with another cheap complex that wont last 20 years. The seafront is for all the city not just the “well off.”. Even if the front line buildings go to 7 stories……. so what does it really matter ? You could be providing lovely sea views apartments for many more local people to enjoy the panaramic views out to sea . This obsession with limiting “hight of buildings” personally I would encourage a couple of high rise tower blocks ( 7 story at least like the ones at the Marina) Put these at each end of the front and then drop down to lower levels in the centre. Lets have some vision for our Costal City. This is prime land and therefore it will prove popular with investors, house buyers. retailers hoteliers and the like .

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