March Consultation Results


We would not normally publish consultation results separately from the planning application but have confirmed that we will do so for this project. However we need to analyse fully all the results before responding further. Comments shared with us were done so directly and we need to check where we stand in terms of sharing this level of information – even anonymously. We will get the results published as soon as we can, but it may be another couple of weeks.

Thank you for your comments and questions- we understand your frustration. We are in discussions with Save Seaburn representatives and hope to meet with them shortly to discuss further. When the planning application is submitted we will show how we have responded to the comments received. We are also waiting for the publication of a report from the RIBA North East Design Review panel who recently undertook an independent review of the proposals. This is common practice for large developments in the region before a planning application is submitted. We would like to share this report with everyone as well as the results from the recent exhibition.

8 thoughts on “March Consultation Results

  1. If you cannot count a few ticks in boxes and reconcile the comments from fewer than 700 questionnaires in a two month period how are you going to take on a proper project like the redevelopment of Seaburn?


  2. Save seaburn are a joke and don’t deserve considering, to only get 500 supporters for a campaign in a city populated with 175,000 is pathetic and should be dismissed.


  3. Over a month and nothing but excuses for failing to deliver the results from fewer than 700 questionnaires. Can Siglion be trusted with the Seaburn Development Project when you cannot complete some basic administration?


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