Chapelgarth Ground Investigation

700_20150414_AIR234On behalf of Siglion Developments LLP, Allied Exploration & Geotechnics Limited (AEG) have been appointed to undertake a ground investigation to establish the prevailing ground conditions throughout the Chapelgarth site. The works will comprise carrying out various exploratory holes (e.g. trial pits, boreholes, drillholes and dynamic sampling holes) which will be advanced to relatively shallow depths to facilitate the recovery of representative soil and rock samples, as well as to allow in-situ testing procedures to be performed. Combining the encountered strata information with the results of the laboratory and in-situ test procedures provides design criteria which is a necessary step in the development process. The investigation should be considered as part of the pre-construction feasibility study, essentially an information gathering exercise, to inform design decisions that will be taken in the future. You may recall that at the consultation events we did mention that Site Investigations would be undertaken. Construction work has not commenced, this is purely investigation work which is permitted.

The works will use mechanical plant and there will inevitably be some intermittent noise and possibly some localised disruption. Drilling rigs are typically track or wheel mounted units which will be towed to site using a 4WD vehicle or delivered by a 10 Tonne HIAB equipped lorry. Whilst on site the rigs will generally be manoeuvred into position or assisted by ancillary tracked plant (i.e. tracked dumper type units). Trial pitting will use more familiar excavator type tracked plant. Investigation work on each position normally takes around an hour for a trial pit and up to one or two days for a drillhole or borehole.

A temporary compound (base of operations) will be set-up in a location that is most conducive to the logistical requirements of the scheme. We hope to locate this site compound on the southern side of the site along the track which comes of Burdon Lane, away from the school and existing residential properties to minimise any disruption. This would also avoid any risk of mud on the public roads but we will check the roads on a regular basis. Siting the cabins in this area would also make the access routes a lot easier as we would be able to follow the tram lines along the fields and also the farmers tracks around the side of the fields. We are however awaiting final confirmation of the site compound area.

We would propose to carry out the work opposite the school towards the end of the project in order to minimise any disturbance to the school.

The compound area will comprise two, possibly three, lockable steel storage containers (e.g. shipping or freight containers) and a static self-container welfare unit. The lockable steel storage containers will facilitate the safe storage of site consumables and samples. Deliveries and collections of equipment, samples and other items will be kept to a minimum throughout the course of the contract.

The investigation phase of the works is programmed to be completed in a relatively short four week period, most of which will be located away from residential areas. Daily working will be between the hours of 08:00 and 18:00 hrs Monday to Friday will all operations supervised on site by a company engineer and managed from the companies Head Office in Chester-le-Street. These works are due to start on site w/c 16th May. An emergency contact number will be available on site

3 thoughts on “Chapelgarth Ground Investigation

  1. Please be aware that the ‘ track ‘ leading to Burdon Road is a Public Bridleway and should NOT be obstructed. It is also a well known cycle route W2W which is renowned nationally.


    1. Thanks Ray, we are aware of W2W – I can imagine it’s very popular in the summer months! We can confirm that it won’t be obstructed.



      1. Vicky , thank you. It is popular all the year round with horse riding and walkers also. I myself walk around the whole proposed development with dogs twice a day. Many others do also which is why we are looking into the Right of Way issue. I have walked the same routes for well over 30 years as have other nearby residents.


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