March Consultation Results


We had hoped to have a summary document and the raw data from the March consultation ready to release this week. This is taking longer than we anticipated but we’re aiming to be able to provide this early next week. We know everyone is keen to see the results so thank you for your patience.

10 thoughts on “March Consultation Results

  1. Big day tomorrow ! Local elections ! Whilst we are not associated to any political party, we feel it is necessary to point out that Siglion has links to the Labour party with the Council Leader sitting on their executive board. Not voting Labour might be a way to stop SIGLION going ahead with their current plan and it might be a way to get them back to the drawing board. Developing a vision for Seaburn should be: creating a vision for everybody, creating a space Seaburn’s great events, a future for our children growing up in this area, a future for people from Sunderland and beyond who love visiting the area. So please, vote Green, vote Conservative, vote UKIP, vote whatever but not Labour. A vote for Labour will only benefit SIGLION and contribute to the end of our beautiful seafront. Please share this, tell your friends, family and neighbors !
    Siglion was going to publish the results of the survey this week but have now said that they will only publish them in a couple of weeks….


    1. Hi Save Seaburn,

      Thanks for your comments.

      The post says that we were aiming to publish them early this week, not that we have published them. The blog is supposed to act as a timeline of the various stages of the project, providing a true and accurate picture of the situation at the time the blog post was published. To go back and start amending historic blog posts does not create a transparent and accurate record of the project timeline.

      When the results get published this will take the form of a new blog post. As a result anyone looking at the blog will be able to see the dates between when we had hoped to publish the results and when they were actually published.


  2. It would be great if you could publish the results sooner rather than later, if only to counter the sniping from Save Seaburn. It should also be borne in mind that Save Seaburn mobilized their NIMBY swat team to comment on the development so the results may have a negative taint to them. The leader of Save Seaburn actually makes some good points and cares about Seaburn so with some of his input I think you guys have the makings of a cracking development.


    1. Thanks for your comments. We have just put out a short blog post with an update. We appreciate that people are frustrated but we’re doing our best to get information out to you and keep everyone updated on the progress. We are still continuing to engage with Save Seaburn – as much as we have differing opinions on some aspects of the development they are and have been providing useful contributions to the dialogue and consultation process.


  3. Now 13 July and STILL NO FEEDBACK from consultation in March!
    Why not?
    What are Siglion hiding?


  4. How much longer do we have to wait for the results to be published?
    What are Siglion hiding?
    If nothing then publish the results!


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