Seaburn Exhibition- keep giving us your feedback!

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Thank you to everyone who attended the public exhibition this weekend. We had a fantastic response with over 1000 people through the door over two days!

If you weren’t able to attend the exhibition (or if you didn’t fill out a questionnaire on the day) then you can still view all of the information and let us know what you think online.Use the links below to view everything that was on display this weekend, then scroll down for the link to our questionnaire.

Watch the Seaburn Vision Video

Exhibition Boards

Transport Note (including parking)

Planning Note

Drainage Note

When you’ve looked at all the information please fill out the questionnaire HERE

We’ll be accepting responses until the 31st March 2016



8 thoughts on “Seaburn Exhibition- keep giving us your feedback!

  1. Good job guys! The proposals are looking good. Lets just make sure that the leisure offering is the best it can be and that the architecture is top quality. We don’t want to remember this development as the building of a housing estate

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  2. The idea of redeveloping Seaburn is a good one, however to build a housing estate would not enhance the area.
    What I as a local resident want is attractions for the whole of Sunderland to enjoy, please don’t forget that Seaburn is the Jewel of the Nile for Sunderland and an additional housing estate is not going to improve our best asset.
    The short sighted view of Sunderland council looks like an idea to create revenue not create what is best for people of Sunderland.
    If we want to attract people to Seaburn indoor and out door activities must be developed.
    Sunderland has lost its ice ring, an additional swimming baths with facilities would attract people whatever the weather, the local restaurateurs, publicans and new businesses would benefit as well as the population.


  3. I tried to sign up for the most recent meeting at the Marriott through Eventbrite but there were no tickets left
    are there any minutes from this meeting
    there are some presentation slides but no questions and answers/minutes as there most questions or points raised by the attendees

    These minutes are an amount record of the opinions and concerns of the attendees


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