Seaburn March 2016 Exhibition: Give us your feedback!

20160310_Aerial View for Website

This weekend we are displaying the updated proposals for Seaburn at:

The Seaburn Centre, Whitburn Rd, Sunderland, SR6 8AA
Fri 11th March: 1pm-6pm
Sat 12th March: 10am-2pm
If you can’t make it along at the times above you can still see the proposals and give us your feedback online. All the information from the exhibition can be downloaded below (click to download):

Exhibition Boards


Transport Note

Planning Note

Drainage Note

Please also take a look at this video which explores Seaburn’s history and sets out the vision for the future of Seaburn.

Once you have had a look through, we would really appreciate your feedback and comments on the proposals, so please fill out our online survey HERE

We will accept completed surveys until 31st March 2016

6 thoughts on “Seaburn March 2016 Exhibition: Give us your feedback!

  1. The seafront buildings are still too high~reducing them by one storey is ludicrous. By all means improve the leisure and retail facilities, but why do we need “boutique” accommodation above that, and to such an excessive height? I am also very concerned about the amount of parking facilities. Seaburn can be very busy during the summer months, and people struggle to park now. What facilities are there for this during the annual air show?
    Many concerns, as do most of my neighbours and colleagues, so I am in the process of composing a letter to my M.P.


  2. This is a rediculous proposal. We want entertainment and recreation at Seaburn not be housing estate for the rich. Disgusting


    1. Hi Robert,

      Thanks for your feedback and your concerns are noted. As a result of the feedback at previous consultations we have reduced the overall proposed number of housing units from 400 to 279. The proposed development has always included a significant element of mixed use leisure and retail. The ground floor uses spanning the entire length of the seafront will be a mix of leisure uses, cafe’s, restaurants, bars and shops providing the entertainment and recreation opportunities you suggested above. In addition as you’ll see on the plans one of the blocks is a large leisure unit which has the capacity to house a key leisure occupier. Siglion are currently in discussions with a local agent about uses along the seafront and the aspiration is to create an environment that will draw visitors to Seaburn and create enough variety of uses and activities to keep people in Seaburn for the whole day rather than for just a few hours.

      As well as the uses above, which will provide a draw all year round, we’re also providing some outdoor leisure for the days when the north east weather treats the site kindly! Outdoor leisure uses at Cut Throat Dene will provide further activities for families on sunny days and some quieter, more relaxed informal public open space for picnicking and relaxing.

      Please do get in touch if you have further queries.

      Kind regards,



      1. Can you please tell me if the is any published “output” following the second consultation for Seaburn on 11/12 March?
        Frank Hunter


      2. Hi Frank. We’ve just put out a blog post with a short update on the progress of this. We appreciate the community’s patience in this matter.


      3. The Sunderland Echo has recently reported that the Seaburn Project will soon be submitted for planning approval – how can it when the consultation process in incomplete


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