Seaburn Public Exhibition

Seaburn Event 3 Flier FINAL FRONT


Following our exhibition on the 2nd and 3rd of October 2015, we would now like to invite you to come and see our updated proposals for Seaburn seafront.

Details as follows:

The Seaburn Centre, Whitburn Rd, Sunderland, SR6 8AA

Fri 11th March: 1pm-6pm
Sat 12th March: 10am-2pm

Members of the design team and Siglion will be available throughout these times so drop in at your convenience.


10 thoughts on “Seaburn Public Exhibition

    1. Hi Janet,

      Links to all of the exhibition information will be put on the Seaburn Blog during or immediately following the exhibition. There will then be plenty of time for people who were unable to make it to view the proposals and get back to us with their comments/feedback.

      Kind regards,

      Vicky, URBED


  1. I live on South Bents Estate and have not received a leaflet regarding the forthcoming exhibition.Neither, to my knowledge, have our neighbours.


  2. Well done URBED!

    Pay no attention to the #SaveSeaburn brigade. I live in Seaburn and they don’t represent my views. This will (hopefully) be the best thing to happen to Seaburn in decades


    1. Hello,

      Thanks for your support! We’re keen to get a diverse range of views at the consultation so it would be great to see you there. Alternatively all the information will be online immediately following the exhibition, along with an online questionnaire to share your views.

      Kind regards,

      Vicky at URBED


    1. Hi Eva,

      Do you mean you didn’t receive a leaflet?
      There’s still time to come and see the proposals. We’ll be at the Seaburn Centre tomorrow (1pm-6pm) and Saturday (10am-2pm)
      We’d love to see you there and hear your thoughts on the proposals! You’ll also be able to view all the information and fill out a questionnaire online if you can’t make it this weekend.

      Kind regards,

      Vicky at URBED


  3. Hi Urbed

    Will the proposals be shared online today? I will be coming to see the exhibition but it would be good to have a flavor of the proposals in advance


    1. Morning,

      We will putting the boards online shortly for anyone who is unable to make it to the consultation today and tomorrow.

      Kind regards,

      Vicky at URBED


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