Sunderland City Council issue South Sunderland Growth Area FAQ note

SSGA Location plan
SSGA Location plan

Sunderland City Council have prepared a briefing note regarding Chapelgarth’s position in the South Sunderland Growth Area. This can be downloaded here: Sunderland City Council_South Sunderland Growth Area_Chapelgarth Briefing note and FAQs

The area of land which makes up the SSGA has been seen as a future growth area for the city for many years now, with a number of sites allocated as development sites in the 1998 adopted Unitary Development Plan. (Chapelgarth, Cherry Knowle Hospitals and land south of Ryhope, along with the Ryhope to Doxford Link Road proposal).

The note also includes some answers to Frequently Asked Questions, including:

How much housing do we need?

Why do we need so many houses?

Why this part of the city and not elsewhere?

Why not brownfield sites first?

Why is Chaplegarth coming forward now?

SSGA Concept plan

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