View the October Exhibition and give us your feedback!

A big thank you to those who made it down to our exhibition last weekend and filled in a questionnaire about our proposals for Seaburn.

If you didn’t manage to make it, or if you would like to take a closer look at the exhibition boards – these can be viewed online here (click for link).

Once you have had a look we would really appreciate it if you could fill out an online questionnaire here (click for link), to provide us with your feedback. The survey will stay open until 24th October, after which we will be going through the comments and producing a summary report of all feedback. This will be available to view on our website and will inform the progression of the masterplan over the winter period.

We will be back with another exhibition in January 2016, before the planning application is due to be submitted in February 2016. Further details will be emailed out and made available on our website closer to the date.

The illustrative masterplan presented at the exhibition:

Seaburn_October Exhibition_Illustrative Masterplan

On the online questionnaire, we are asking about which type of housing character people would like to see. Some examples are shown below:

20151002 Seaburn Housing Character

9 thoughts on “View the October Exhibition and give us your feedback!

  1. Hi, as discussed with the planning department at Sunderland City Council: Seaburn, South Bents & Fulwell residents are generally disappointed by the proposed plan for Seaburn. This plan’s focus is too much on residential use whilst residential use is not needed at all in this area (just have a look at the number of properties for sale in the surrounding area. The suggested residential use in the plan will also mean that Seaburn’s children will be living and growing up on a building wharf for the next 10 years (maybe even 50 years if we look at the tempo that the Fat Budha lego brick is being build).

    We completely agree that a redevelopment for the Seaburn area is necessary but it should not become a cash cow for property developers building too expensive, low quality and unattractive houses which do not fit in with the style of existing houses in the area. What Seaburn needs is new use for parks, leisure, new businesses and events in order to keep attracting visitors to one of the most beautiful coastal areas in the UK.

    In order to get residents’ voices heard we will be setting up the #SaveSeaburn campaign. The aim is to meet with Sunderland City Council’s decision makers and present alternative plans. These plans will benefit all residents, minimize building disruptions and aid in creating the Seaburn community. The #SaveSeaburn website and facebook page are under construction but we are pleased that more than 360 residents have already pledged their support.

    We hope that Sunderland City Council acknowledges its residents.



    1. Hi Jeroen,

      Many thanks for your comment. The people of Seaburn are truly passionate about their local area which we think is great, and we understand why you have some concerns.

      The public consultation process is exactly that – a process by which we can engage with all interested parties and understand thoughts, concerns and comments in respect of the outline proposals. The events held in Seaburn last weekend were the first and certainly not the last of these exhibitions for people to have their say. We note your proposals to engage with Sunderland Council on the matter which we are happy to assist you with. Siglion is a joint venture with the council,not a subsidiary body, so the outline proposals, whilst following the principles of the adopted Seaburn Masterplan document, are separately driven by Siglion. We will be going through the feedback from last weekend’s event along with online responses and will publish the results from our questionnaire at the end of the month – our initial review shows good support for the outline proposals presented so far but that does not mean we ignore all other comments and we would be very happy to speak with you in much more detail to explain the vision, the consultation process and the timescales involved and how you can continue to be a part of that. We have passed your email onto Siglion, they are keen to contact you directly and arrange a meeting to discuss further.



  2. Completely agree with Jeroen. As a Fulwell resident the area is flooded with houses – no need for new expensive housing on prime sea-front development land. The seaburn development is essential but must be a magnet for families and people of sunderland. Parks, leisure pool/facilities, dare i say a fairground. A small amount of cafes/restaurants/retail wouldbe fine too. Keep car parking to rear of development. Please re-think current plans.


    1. Hi Rossalini,
      Thanks for your comments, if you haven’t done so already, please fill out an online survey at this link: so we can capture your views. The masterplan is by no means finalised and we will be collecting responses up until 24th October and also publishing a summary of the comments so we can show people how we intend to respond to common concerns and how the masterplan will change.

      Many thanks,
      Sange, URBED


  3. Jeroen,
    Please do not speak for all residents, I am generally supportive of the proposals with a few minor reservations over height of the buildings immediately on the sea front and the need for high quality restaurants. I firmly believe that more residential in this area is required to attract a younger families into an ageing area. This in itself causes issues of schooling and pupil numbers which should be addressed in the Siglion proposals.
    The current seafront is awful and is in desperate need for development, I would be interested in your alternative proposals, however urge caution as for decades the Vaux site is still rumbling on with various bodies trying to develop something they didn’t own, causing years and years of stagnation for a prime development site.
    Sunderland needs investment and re-building and with a bit of careful design this should provide for not only our generation but that of our children and their children, so I don’t mind putting up with short term building site for a period of long term gain.
    A local resident.


    1. Hi David,

      Many thanks for your comments. The online questionnaire is still open to collect responses to the emerging proposals showcased at our exhibition earlier in the month, and we hope that this will provide a more general and constructive view of what people in the local area would like. If you haven’t done so already, please do let us know your comments so these can be captured:
      We will be collating responses after the closing date (24th Oct) and publishing the results on our website. We will then be sitting down with the design team to review the proposals. The masterplan displayed at the last event is by no means final and we are keen to hear about what you have to say.

      Many thanks,


  4. Jeroen you are wide of the mark, and are a minority, many are behind the plans, the #saveseaburn site is embarrassing to anyone who is of a younger generation, do you not want us to see our city fulfill its potential? I agree more leisure is needed but also more housing is needed in the area. There may be plenty of homes for sale but I doubt very much any will have the spec or aesthetic quality these will. Please do not ruin it for the youngsters, do you want them to have another Vaux site situation we have suffered trough? Why not just fill out the survey, if loads of people agree they will too share that opinion and Siglion will reflect this in any future plans. Such selfish acts can’t be tolerated this is for the younger generation not OAP’s.


    1. Mr Biggles – i am aghast at your reply. It is ludicrous to say the young generation of today wish for high spec quality homes on the sea front – how on earth would younger people afford this anyway? The Seaburn development is very much needed but MUST focus on family leisure attractions to encourage and attract families/people to the sea front – who in turn will spend more time and money locally I have 2 children who would much rather go to South Shields than Seaburn which pains me as i live in Fulwell – however SS has a family park, leisure pool, fairground etc. Indeed i asked my 10 year old son today what he would like to see – he said a ‘splash park with slides and pools’. I in turn ask you not to ruin the Seaburn development for my son and his generation.


    2. Dear Mr. Biggles, I completely understand your point, however, I think some parts of the #SaveSeaburn campaign might be unclear. First of all, I am fully aware that not everybody thinks the same way I do about the transformation plans, All I want to do is give people a platform to give their opinion. You and me know that filling in a survey means nothing.
      I do not consider myself to be an OAP, I am 35, father of 4 year old twins and married to my lovely wife. We live in the South Bents estate. If you take a look at the SaveSeaburn facebook page you will see that the bulk of the, hundreds, of people commenting are people of my age group, younger and some older. I do not completely reject the proposed plans for a transformation of Seaburn and am convinced that a serious re-development is needed. What I do not want is for Seaburn to be transformed into another housing estate which only benefits property developers. To give you an example, the four houses being build on the former NEXUS land (next to Morrisons) are £525K each. How many young families do you know that can afford that??
      I amrealistic about this and know that some new houses are needed but that should not be the main aim of this transformation. I am more than happy to have a discussion with you regarding this matter and see if we can come to some kind of a mutual vision for the future of Seaburn.
      In the meanwhile, check us out on facebook, twitter, website, etc,


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