Public Exhibition: Proposals for Seaburn: 2nd – 3rd October

Come and join us TODAY in the Seaburn Centre, where we will be exhibiting our plans for Seaburn seafront! You can drop in anytime between the times below:

Dates/ Times:

     Friday 2nd October – 2pm-7pm

     Saturday 3rd October – 10am-1pm


     The Seaburn Centre, Whitburn Road, Sunderland, SR6 8AA

We look forward to seeing you there! If you cant make it, there is still a chance to take a look at the proposals and provide feedback. The proposals and information about the regeneration can be seen on the downloads below:

Seaburn_Consultation Boards_October Consultation

Seaburn Public car park survey note

Please take a look at the boards and then fill in this online questionnaire

Seaburn_October Exhibition_Illustrative Masterplan

On the online questionnaire, we are asking about which type of housing character people would like to see. Some examples are shown below:

20151002 Seaburn Housing Character

5 thoughts on “Public Exhibition: Proposals for Seaburn: 2nd – 3rd October

  1. Hi. I had hoped to get along to the consultation, but cannot make it. I am in favour of your plans. I want to ask if Siglion can assist with getting the old concrete sewer pipe that bisects the beach at the bottom of Dykelands Road removed? It is an eyesore and a blot on our beautiful bay. This would b a public spirited gesture that would enhance goodwill in the local community. Regards, Karen


  2. Window dressing!! You might as well ask the public what type of curtains they would like to see as far as relevance goes. Based on experience it is unlikely you or the Council will take the slightest notice of any comments made by me or anyone else. Happy hypocrisy!


    1. Hi John,

      Many thanks for your email but we are sorry you feel that way. Due to the volume of interest we received we have given ourselves plenty of time to take a look through all the feedback before we hold a further exhibition early in 2016 – so please do fill out a survey if you would like your comments to be included:
      We will be publishing the results from the survey after 24th October, so whilst we may not be able to amend the masterplan in line with your individual comments, we will be reviewing all the feedback and responding where possible by amending the masterplan in line with the general consensus. This will be available to view publicly, and should justify our response.

      Many Thanks,
      Sange, URBED


    2. Hello John,

      Your feelings are shared by many of the Seaburn and surrounding area residents. In order to give us, the residents, a voice to get these concerns across to SIGLION and Sunderland City Council we are setting up an action group called #SaveSeaburn.

      You can email me on and I am happy to provide you more information.





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