Feedback from the July Stakeholder Workshop

In July we invited local businesses, community groups and stakeholders to attend a roundtable exhibition to discuss our emerging proposals for the Vaux Site. The aim of the workshop was to get local perspectives on the use of the site and make sure our masterplan was on the right track before wider public engagement.

A total of 27 people attended the workshop and four priority ‘themes’ emerged from the consultation, details below:

  • Connectivity:

    There was general agreement on the need for the site to be well connected to the city centre – with  wayfinding (on- street signs and maps), numerous entry points into the site and landmark buildings

    Most groups mentioned the importance of offering something on the scheme which would attract people in (such as independent restaurants and bars and open air events) but also attract people into the city centre itself – such as apartments and employment space.

  • Delivery

    There was apprehension from all groups that the scheme would take too long to deliver or would not happen – based on previous proposals for the site and the length of time it has been vacant.

    Concerns were also raised about demand not being met resulting in vacant units on the site or in other areas of the city.

  • Ambition

    General consensus that the project was very important for creating a more positive perception towards Sunderland.

    In promoting the image of Sunderland as a great place – many groups mentioned the importance of having something on site for the Tall Ships Festival in 2018.

  • Mixture of Uses

    All groups were keen to see ground floor retail and leisure units as well as a hotel.

    Most groups mentioned the aspiration to provide open-air events space within the scheme such as space for food and drink festivals.

    Need for high quality public space which is vibrant and interesting.

    Need for spaces which are used both throughout the day and night.

A short report providing a summary of feedback from the event can be viewed online following this link:

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