Welcome to the Chapelgarth Blog

Welcome to the Chapelgarth blog.

Here we will post updates about the Chapelgarth site, upcoming consultation dates and progress of the planning application.

6 thoughts on “Welcome to the Chapelgarth Blog

  1. Can you tell me why you have not put any updates on this page? The public consultaion events were not publicised here nor the results. Very disappointing.


    1. Hi there Hazel,

      We are yet to hold any public consultations for the Chapelgarth site. We have scheduled in two consultation for later in the year, so once we have dates confirmed we will publish them online and through our mailing list!

      Many thanks,
      Sangeetha, URBED


      1. Hi Hazel,
        There has not been any public consultation on the Siglion proposals for the Chapelgarth site to my knowledge.
        If you have any further queries, please feel free to email me – sange@urbed.coop


      2. Thanks Sangeetha for responding so quickly. There has been one public consultation event, held by the LA, at the Virgin Health Club which I coud not attend. In addition the LA also held an open event to show interested citizens where the proposed building sites were, impact analysis etc.

        Best Wishes to you


      3. Hi Hazel,
        You are quite right. The council have been preparing and are now consulting on policy for the “South Sunderland Growth Area” – this includes the site at Chapelgarth but also covers a much wider area between Doxford Park, Tunstall and Ryhope. Sunderland City Council are a partner in the Siglion, which is the company tasked with bringing development plans forward at Chapelgarth, along with the other 2 sites in Sunderland. We are working closely with the council to ensure that we take on board their intentions for the area and we will be consulting on more detailed proposals for the site at Chapelgarth in the coming months. You are on the Chapelgarth mailing list so you will receive invitations to all the consultation events Siglion arrange and host.
        Kind regards,
        Emily, URBED


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